The Monkey-Spider project

The Monkey-Spider is a crawler based low-interaction client honeypot. It is not only restricted to this use but it is developed as such. The Monkey-Spider crawles Web sites to expose their threats to Web clients.

Updated information and sourcecode can be found here. The project is hosted on It is released under the GPLv3. Any improvements and support will be appreciated as this project shall improve and evolve throughout time. Developers and users are welcome to ask and participate.

Ask a question in our mailing list.

The Monkey-Spider version 0.2 has been released on Mar 24 2009.

Further Reading:

  • An installation and configuration tutorial for MS in french
  • A new research paper from the canadian honeynet project about malicious websites with MS involved. Serge Gorbunov has kindly submitted his modifications in a new branch to our subversion repository.
  • A student thesis involving a modified version of MS to use it as a proxy based security mechanism.
  • HoneyWeb is a Google Sommer of Code project from 2009 for the Honeynet Project which is aimed at building a common web interface for various honeypot research tools including MS.
  • Please mail me to add more here.


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